Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sonic tails knuckles & shadow : chapter eleven

Yes i got the 2 chaos emerald , now for chaos control even stronger, chaos control!!!!! shouted shadow.
BANG POW POP RIP BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[NOOOOOO!!!] my beautiful machine ruined! said D.r egg man.
That shows him who is boss! said sonic.
Yea that was fun. Replied tails.
He's an egg head! said knuckles.
SONIC!!!!!!! said ???
SONIC !!!!!!!!!! said ???
Oh hide me from her please! said sonic.
Sonic you at last! said Amy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

sonic tails knuckles & shadow : chapter ten

Oh yes i will HA HA HA HA HA HA!! said egg man. Chaos control. said shadow. yes it's working. said shadow. whats working? said knuckles.
The emerald its drawing one other, chaos emerald here so we, can get it. said shadow. don't
forget my little surprise! said doctor egg man.

Friday, May 21, 2010

sonic tails knuckles & shadow : chapter nine

So you betray me shadow! shouted d.r egg man. We got one chaos emerald! said tails. pass it to me quick tails! shouted shadow. OK! shouted tails. chaos control Oh i forgot my telporter in a second i will have it! said d.r egg man. YES I HAVE IT!!!! said d.r egg man. come on out chaos 0 & metal sonic lets get them said doctor egg man. you won't get the other chaos emerald said shadow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

sonic tails knuckles & shadow: chapter eight

[later] Do you think you can stop me now I've got all seven chaos emerald's hahahahhahahahha! said d.r egg man. No you haven't shadow has, one chaos emerald! said tails. Have you forgot i built a teleporter said d.r egg man. I telportid it here in to my egg carrier said d.r egg man. oh no yo don't said knuckles. you get the chaos emeralds i'll keep him busy said shadow.

sonic & tails: chapter eight

How did he do it? asked tails. He made a telporter & then telpirtid them there said shadow. Wait a sonic second why were you falling down here? asked sonic. d.r egg man asked me, to do a job witch was finishing, sealing of the chaos emeralds, scour in a machine but instead i, was unsealing them it was hard but i got, one when i was on the second one d.r egg man spotted me, & frow me off the egg carrier replied shadow. OK shadow we will help you fight d.r egg man if you help, us get the chaos emeralds said sonic. thanks the one chaos emerald has enough power to help said shadow. bring it on said knuckles. lets do it said sonic. yeah said tails.

sonic & tails: chapter seven

Now its my turn said tails. Time for a whirl. This does not compute said metal sonic. Go to repair mode said d.r egg man. Yes mater said metal sonic. Ok time for my best move sonic blast said sonic. [smash] oh no said d.r egg man.[later] that was easy said sonic. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said someone falling from the sky. ow he said painfully. who are you? asked tails. shadow the hedgehog the ultimate life form built by d.r egg man's cousin said shadow. what d.r egg man's cousin, you have got to be kidding, right said knuckles. no i am not said shadow. anyway could you help me? asked shadow. why? asked tails. because d.r egg man has got seven chaos emeralds but i got one replied shadow. no you haven't we have. d.r egg man told me when i was pretending to be on d.r egg man's side said shadow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

sonic & tails: chapter six

you think you can get past me said! doctor egg man. in our super self's it is easy for any thing said tails. even this invention said doctor egg man. this is going to get goosey said knuckles. let me show you what metal sonic can do if you have seen him before i wold have shown you what he cold do anway! said doctor egg man. let's get on with fighting! said sonic. METAL SONIC COME OUT!!! said doctor egg man. bring it on! said knuckles. shit rock! shit rock! shit rock! shit rock! shit rock! said knuckles...