Friday, December 25, 2009

sonic & tails: chapter three

HELP ME! said sonic. why said knuckles. lets go already! said tails. knuckles you fly over & ill take sonic over said tails. OK said knuckles. OK said sonic. lets go then said knuckles. a lake of oil you've got to be kidding me said sonic. how do we get across now! said knuckles. we have to go in a hole sum where said tails. how long is this going to take said knuckles. found it follow me said tails. it's spooky said sonic. knuckles you go in first sonic you go in next & ill go in last said tails. i am starting to get a reading from there! said tails. how big! said knuckles. quite small! said tails.

sonic & tails: chapter two

...BANG! BOOM! BANG! BOOM!. WHAT! said sonic. i am knuckles the guardian of the floating island said knuckles. wait said! tails. got to go! said knuckles. why! said sonic. woah said sonic not again! said sonic. a big robot said sonic. it's powered by a master emerald said tails. knuckles we need you who ever you are said sonic.what n... this Dotson look very good said knuckles. smash it said sonic. no the emerald is to strong said knuckles. THEN HOW DO WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said sonic. i don't know! said knuckles. i fink we should go in side said tails. why said sonic & knuckles. to destroy it said tails. lets go said knuckles. yer said sonic. then lets go as a team said tails. OK said sonic. in we go said tails. wow! said sonic. what now! look around said tails. there said knuckles. a door said sonic. but witch one said knuckles. the one on the left said tails. to were said sonic. to get the master emerald said tails. then what are you waiting for! said sonic. lets go then said knuckles. ok said tails. careful were you step said tails. wh... sonic! said tails. ill go said knuckles. h...said tails. by! said knuckles. got you! said knuckles. thanks! said sonic ...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

sonic & tails: chapter one

SONIC! said tails. WHAT! said sonic. doctor egg man is here! said tails. how come the bell hadn't gone off said sonic. because he jammed the bell said tails. but how did he? said sonic. i don't know said tails. sonic ran straight out before tails could say any more. BANG! sonic flew straight back. what the heck said sonic. tails get up here said sonic. yes! said tails. tails flew straight up. ho no said tails. yes said sonic. i didn't know about this said tails. well we have to fight through doctor egg man's army said sonic. hahahahahahahahahahaha laughed doctor egg man. you'll never get through my army of robots said doctor egg man. come on out army said sonic. come on out army. said tails. we have armies too said tails. but how did you make your army said doctor egg man. I made our army of sonic robots & tails robots said tails. charge said sonic. charge said doctor egg man. lets battle said tails yer said sonic hahahahahahahahahahahahaha laughed doctor egg man. take that & this said sonic come on were losing said doctor egg man! keep going tails said sonic. ok said tails later sonic & tails won but next they had to fight doctor egg man flew off he came back in a stronger machine it had 100 missiles. no way they could stand a chance against him...