Monday, January 25, 2010

sonic & tails: chapter six

you think you can get past me said! doctor egg man. in our super self's it is easy for any thing said tails. even this invention said doctor egg man. this is going to get goosey said knuckles. let me show you what metal sonic can do if you have seen him before i wold have shown you what he cold do anway! said doctor egg man. let's get on with fighting! said sonic. METAL SONIC COME OUT!!! said doctor egg man. bring it on! said knuckles. shit rock! shit rock! shit rock! shit rock! shit rock! said knuckles...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sonic & tails: chapter five

metal sonic said doctor egg man. yes master what do you want me to do next said metal sonic. there are intruders heading this way & destroy them said doctor egg man. woe that was fast said knuckles. i now that said sonic. shhhhhhhh i can hear something like doctor egg man talking to some one that's it said tails. that's what said sonic & knuckles. doctor egg man talking to one of his robo... ow! said said tails. not you again said tails. i remember you said metal sonic. why dos he look a bit the same as me said sonic. because he is a robot you said tails. then why dos he have weapons said knuckles. because he is a bad one but with three of us it is easy to damage him. no it won't said metal sonic. why said knuckles. because i have new things added to me said metal sonic. with these 21 master emeralds i col... metal sonic has been destroyed! well i thi... said doctor egg man. by by thanks for the 21 master emeralds said sonic. so i turn into super sonic & tails turn's into super tails & knuckles into hyper knuckles! said sonic.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

sonic & tails: chapter four

is it getting bigger said sonic. yes said tails. each step we take it gets bigger said tails. how said knuckles. because we are walking towards it! said tails. & it's looking like doctor egg man holding a master emerald said tails. but how did he get in so fast said knuckles. i think he ported there said tails. what are we waiting for said sonic. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! you think you can get past me said doctor egg man. i'm hearing voices agen said knuckles. let's blast frow with super sonic speed said sonic. ok but i'm not fast enough i don't now about you said tails. well i don't now how fast he is & you said knuckles. sonic is really fast i'm just a bit slower then him but super sonic speed i'm slower then him said tails. knuckles hold one of my hands & tails hold my other hand & then i'll run at super sonic speed whilst you run said sonic.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

my nintendo ds

on my nintendo ds i have three games. one is sonic rush & an other is sonic the dark brotherhood & Shrek the third. my ds colour is red. i got it for Christmas & sonic rush. the others my dad got me. the last one my dad got me was Shrek the third. & my favourite one is Shrek the third.