Sunday, January 24, 2010

sonic & tails: chapter five

metal sonic said doctor egg man. yes master what do you want me to do next said metal sonic. there are intruders heading this way & destroy them said doctor egg man. woe that was fast said knuckles. i now that said sonic. shhhhhhhh i can hear something like doctor egg man talking to some one that's it said tails. that's what said sonic & knuckles. doctor egg man talking to one of his robo... ow! said said tails. not you again said tails. i remember you said metal sonic. why dos he look a bit the same as me said sonic. because he is a robot you said tails. then why dos he have weapons said knuckles. because he is a bad one but with three of us it is easy to damage him. no it won't said metal sonic. why said knuckles. because i have new things added to me said metal sonic. with these 21 master emeralds i col... metal sonic has been destroyed! well i thi... said doctor egg man. by by thanks for the 21 master emeralds said sonic. so i turn into super sonic & tails turn's into super tails & knuckles into hyper knuckles! said sonic.

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